How to Find Your Wedding Theme

Planning a wedding has always been something I have dreamed of just like every other girl out there. My vision of what that day would look like has changed so many different times over the years and now, with the presence of social media, it has been even more complicated to decide. Having a theme is probably the single most important aspect of your wedding (besides your dress).  It sets the tone and mood of the event for both you and your guests.  I am happy to say that I have a vision and a theme, so I am going to show you how I got there!

1) Pinterest

Pinterest played a huge role for me when it came to deciding on a theme.  Start your search by choosing a color and continue your search from there.  If you're lost on what colors you want to incorporate, WeddingWire came up with a genius Color Palette Generator to help you come up with a scheme based on the season.  Through Pinterest, I was able to pull ideas from a number of different pictures to create my specific vision. There are endless amounts of inspirational photos that you can pin onto your dedicated "wedding design" board.  It also helped me tremendously when it came to wording my save the dates and invitations.  Don't forget to narrow down your Pinterest picks as it can get overwhelming.  Your maid of honor might also help narrow down some ideas and she can think of things that you might not have thought of.  I've provided a Maid of Honor Checklist to help alleviate the stress.  Reading the next tip might also help you narrow things down if you're having a hard time doing so.  

2) Will You Still Love It In Ten Years?

When picking out a theme or color scheme, I wanted to stray away from what was entirely trendy and popular these days and just stick to something more classic and timeless.  One question I always had in mind was, "Am I still going to love it ten years from now?"  Granted, if you love something so much, you should incorporate that into your wedding; however, there are also ways to modify your design (i.e. color, decor) so that it stays classic.  Asking myself this question during the design and decision making process allowed me to eliminate items that I might hate later on.    

3) Location

Location plays a huge role in the theme of your wedding.  If you are having a fun city wedding, it might be nice to add modern touches.  Since my wedding will take place on a tropical island, I wanted to stay true to my roots and keep that island style vibe.  As a lover of fashion, however, I also wanted to incorporate elements that were indicative of my clean, chic and classic style. Without giving away too much, but to still give you an idea, I call the theme of my wedding "island elegance." WeddingWire gives a great guide to Real Wedding Inspiration that have taken place from the farm to the ocean.         

I hope these three tips help guide you in the right direction when choosing a theme for your wedding. For me, this has been one of the most fun parts of the planning process, and I hope it is the same for you!    

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