Hoops & Jumpsuits


Hoops and jumpsuits are two items that go well together and also stand out on its own.  I have always loved hoop earrings so the fact that they are back on trend is something I am super ecstatic about.  I have been stocking up on hoops of all different shapes and sizes for all different occasions.  That's what makes this comeback trend so exciting- all the different symmetries and how it has been re-invented.  They bring character to any outfit and there is also this flair and attitude about them.  I have linked some of my favorite, affordable hoops because you can't just have one!  They are so fun to style and there are too many pretty ones that you can't pass up, so stocking up is key!  As for my jumpsuit, this one is pretty pricey, but it was so flattering that I couldn't say no.  This one is from House of CB and it cuts me off early at the torso to give me that high waisted effect to help elongate my legs.  Yes, if you're short like me, you can still pull of a jumpsuit and this type of silhouette will look great on you!  I have linked some of my other favorite jumpsuits that make a great alternative to your traditional dress.  HAPPY SHOPPING!!