How to Make Anything Look Chic

When we think of sweatshirts, we think of loungewear. Never did I ever think of turning this one slouchy piece of clothing into something chic. I got the idea to dress up the sweatshirt when it got colder in California. I have a lot of events to go to and a lot of times they’re held outdoor. One morning, on my way to an event, I felt like wearing pink and still needed to be warm. I have a pink Hanes sweatshirt that I had my heart set on wearing, but I had to make it cute! I knew I had some pink trousers and just prayed that it would go well… it was a hit! I posted this outfit on Instagram twice and people seemed to love it.

Moral of the story here is, you can take something comfortable, like loungewear, and achieve something wonderful. it all depends on what you pair with it that will give you the desired look. For my events, I like to look both fun and sophisticated. The pink makes it fun and the trousers make it sophisticated. Whatever your line of work is or what occasion you’re dressing for, is how you’re going to figure out what your desired look is going to be. The trick here with the sweatshirt is to pair it with something different and standout. It could be leather, a bold color, or something with texture… but pairing it with something unique takes away from the fact that you’re wearing loungewear. You immediately just elevated the look by adding that different piece. See below for a couple ways I paired the sweatshirt with “different, standout” pieces.

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IMG_5450-1 2.JPG