The Wrap Dress

It's hot!! And sometimes this can be the most daunting issue at hand when 1) you're a woman, 2) you want to look cute, 3) you don't want to sweat and 4) you want it to be easy.  The list can go on and on and if you find yourself nodding to all of the above, I hope this helps in finding a solution!  These days, when I battle with what to wear, I find myself reaching for this yellow and white striped wrap dress by Faithful the Brand.  It's so good, I bought two!  You would think that with all these style videos I would have outfits lined up at the snap of a finger and for everyday of the week- but I don't! I still do not know what to wear!  Jamie (fiance) thinks I'm crazy and quite frankly, I do too!  

I actually have never been a big fan of dresses unless it was deemed necessary (weddings, and other formal events.)  I guess I just had to find the right one.  The wrap dress is the perfect go-to when scorching temps keep you from even thinking straight.  It's perfect because it is light, airy, easy, cute and most importantly, gives you the illusion of a waist. This covers all of your bases of what you want the perfect summer time dress to do.  It does all the work for you, just add accessories.  You can wear this at all times of the day with sandals or heels, and if you're on vacation, throw it on over your bikini! Below I have compiled a list of all my current favorite wrap dresses out there! 

Happy Shopping!


Red Hott Summer

I used to say that I don't wear much red or try not to, but this has not been the case since it seems to be one of the hottest colors of the season!  With the warm summer approaching and vacations underway, I found it necessary to purchase this puff-sleeve, off-the-shoulder top from Zara.  I believe it is sold out by now, but don't worry, I will link similar alternatives below.  Also, if you still don't have anything to wear, then I just found your July 4th outfit!    

The first time I wore this top was to the Bahamas.  I would throw it on over my white bikini top which looked amazing together, not to mention, it photographs like a genius especially in a setting like that!  I definitely see myself using this top as my accessory to dress up any basic- like what I did here.  I paired it with my favorite jean shorts- the Levi's 501's in Sierra Skyline which seems to be the "it" shade for denim shorts these days.  Ladies, it's shorts season- time to embrace yourselves and feel sexy no matter what your age.  I'm not saying wear daisy dukes, but do what makes you feel comfortable and do something different to compliment you and your style- because no one can take that away from you!  And if not with this outfit, with any future ensemble you decide to put together!

An off-the-shoulder top like this is probably one of the easiest ways to look "dressed up."  It is not going anywhere this season, so stock up!  When buying the perfect off-the-shoulder, go for something that looks unique- one that you haven't seen too many versions of.  They pair well with skirts, shorts and every kind of jean imaginable.  

Since I get a Cuban/Salsa vibe from this top, I decided to throw on some gold hoops and bracelets by Gorjana to capture just that.  Lastly, I threw on my suede YSL Tassel bag and Steve Madden Clary heels. If heels are a problem, you can easily swap them for a pair of nude lace up gladiator sandals or block heels.  If you're loving this post and want to see other ways on how to wear shorts, check out my video below.  

Happy Dressing!!


My First Post

Hello and Hafa Adai (how you say hello in Chamorro, my native language)!!!  Welcome to my site! I am ecstatic to be sharing my first post with you guys.  This was a long time in the making and after so many months of ups and downs, I'm finally ready to dive deep into this blogging thing and have another creative outlet where I can share my passion.  I started this blog project back in October and there were so many things that kept me from launching it in a timely manner.  I'm not going to pretend that this process was at all easy or fun.  It definitely was emotional because I felt like I failed myself in going with my gut and finding the right people to work with.  Essentially, this is my second time working with people in the web design industry, and what I have learned through this process is that you have to do what feels right.  Intuition is a miraculous thing.  I was not going to launch a site just to launch it.  I wanted all my own visions to come to life, not what anyone else thought I should do.  After so much back and forth and going through the motions, I now feel like I am delivering a product with pride and purpose.  I am actually going into this a little backwards.  Most bloggers start a blog and progress onto YouTube.  I did the exact opposite. I started my YouTube channel because I liked watching videos and realized that if they can do it, so can I.  So expanding from videos to blogging was natural and kind of necessary.  I named the site Style Staycation because I wanted fashion lovers to have a place where they can getaway... to be inspired, to find outfit ideas or to go somewhere even if it's just on their spare time.  I hope you'll continue to tag along with me on this fun, fashion adventure, but most of all, I hope you'll re-create/duplicate some of these looks and feel your best!         

Gone are the days where tulle was widely known as the material used on the infamous toddler's birthday tutu.  Tulle is making a major comeback and is showing it's face in every retail space these days. This tulle top features floral embroidery, tiered ruffles, and a dobby spot detail.  These "Insider Crop Step Fray" jeans by Mother paired perfectly with this tulle top.  It even had a dirty off-white tint to it. For accessories, I went with my Gorjana bangles, hoops and Gucci Marmont purse.  The shoes are my new favorite purchase.  They are the Lisana heels by Schuts.  They seem a little complicated, but the colors on these heels work its way into so many aspects of a woman's closet.  Best part, they are super light weight and comfortable.