The Wrap Dress

It's hot!! And sometimes this can be the most daunting issue at hand when 1) you're a woman, 2) you want to look cute, 3) you don't want to sweat and 4) you want it to be easy.  The list can go on and on and if you find yourself nodding to all of the above, I hope this helps in finding a solution!  These days, when I battle with what to wear, I find myself reaching for this yellow and white striped wrap dress by Faithful the Brand.  It's so good, I bought two!  You would think that with all these style videos I would have outfits lined up at the snap of a finger and for everyday of the week- but I don't! I still do not know what to wear!  Jamie (fiance) thinks I'm crazy and quite frankly, I do too!  

I actually have never been a big fan of dresses unless it was deemed necessary (weddings, and other formal events.)  I guess I just had to find the right one.  The wrap dress is the perfect go-to when scorching temps keep you from even thinking straight.  It's perfect because it is light, airy, easy, cute and most importantly, gives you the illusion of a waist. This covers all of your bases of what you want the perfect summer time dress to do.  It does all the work for you, just add accessories.  You can wear this at all times of the day with sandals or heels, and if you're on vacation, throw it on over your bikini! Below I have compiled a list of all my current favorite wrap dresses out there! 

Happy Shopping!